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General Density Equations
Brine Volume Calculations
Weight Up of Single Salt Brine with Dry Chemicals
Mixing Viscosified Pills
Spotting Balanced Pills
Brine Volume Calculations
Maximum Volume of a Specific Density
You have a set amount of spike fluid and need to find the maximum volume (vf) of a target density that can be mixed from a starting fluid. The first thing to do is to calculate the volume of starting fluid (v1) that will be required to be mixed with the fixed volume of spike fluid (v2) to get to the density you want (df).

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Equation 11 Graphic

The final total volume (vf) goes back to Equation 10. You already know the spike volume (v2) and have calculated the quantity of starting fluid needed (v1), so the final volume (vf) is the sum of the two.

Equation Graphic

In Example G, the density of the starting fluid (d1), the density of the spike fluid (d2), and the final target density (df) are all known. In addition, the volume of spike fluid that is available (v2) is known.

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EXAMPLE G. Weight Up to Target Density with Spike Fluid

Example G Graphic


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