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CBF Chemical Constituents
Brine Handling and Personal Safety
Environmental Considerations: Brine Handling and Disposal
Agency Contact Information
This chapter is an introductory knowledge base regarding the safety and handling of CBFs in the U.S. and adjacent offshore waters and should be read carefully. It should in no way be considered exhaustive or the sole source of information. Reference should be made to the applicable regulations published by U.S. state and federal regulatory agencies that have the authority to oversee the health and safety of workers and environmental compliance during oil and gas development operations. Your primary contact should be your company’s health, safety, and environmental personnel. In addition, TETRA fluids specialists are extensively trained and experienced in the proper methods of handling clear brine fluids and are a resource available to the completions engineer.


Before handling a specific CBF, read the appropriate Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to understand all of the hazards involved when handling that particular fluid.
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