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List of Symbols Used in Equations
List of Figures
  1. Fluid Selection Process
  2. Fluid Categories
  3. TVD-BHP Fluid Density Chart
  4. Clear Brine Fluid Density Ranges
  5. Combined Casing and Tubing 
  6. Selecting and Using Spike Fluids
  7. Marsh Funnel Viscosity of Low Density CBFs
  8. Yield Point of Low Density CBFs
  9. Plastic Viscosity of Low Density CBFs
  10. Marsh Funnel Viscosity of Calcium Brines
  11. Yield Point of Calcium Brines 
  12. Plastic Viscosity of Calcium Brines
  13. Marsh Funnel Viscosity of Zinc/Calcium Bromide Brines
  14. Yield Point of Zinc/Calcium Bromide Brines
  15. Plastic Viscosity of Zinc/Calcium Bromide Brines
  16. Annular Velocity
  17. Estimated RQs for Zinc Fluids
  18. Crystallization Temperature — Aqueous Calcium Chloride
  19. Typical Crystallization Curve
  20. The Corrosion Process
  21. Wellbore Eccentricity
  22. Approximate Filter Runtime
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