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The following team members participated in the creation of this guide and we want to acknowledge their contributions and thank them for their efforts.

 Chris Atkinson  Dennis L. Howe   Michael Shaw
 Charlie Barton  Don Kehlenbeck   Larry Sims
 Thomas S. Carter  Kurt Landry  Roosevelt Smith
 Joey Detiveaux  Jeffrey McKennis  Edward D. Stegall
 Weyman Dunaway  Suren Mishra  Mike Stephens
 Russell Fisher  Aaron Morse  Stephen W. Stroh
 Judy Franklin   Joe Murphey   Duane Sutherland
 Joe Free   David Odum   Rosa Swartwout
 Cheryl Frey  Wayne Peddy  Ray Talabi
 Judy Guy-Caffey   Richard Perkins  Ric Termine
 Steve Hardwick  Hank Reeves   Don Walters
 Allen Hayes, Jr.  Rob Richie  Loren E. Worley
 Bernard Hester   Ashley Saltzer  

Production Editor: Stephanie Wiegand
Technical Editor: Russell Fisher, Strategic Market Management

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